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Tio University of Applied Sciences

Discover Tio and its excellent bachelor programmes

Tio’s recognized bachelor programmes will prepare you for a career in business, event management and the hotel and tourism industry. Tio offers high quality education based on an unique concept: education in a small-scale environment, with personal attention. The bachelor programmes have been among the best in the Netherlands for years and are ranked #1 in various rankings, for example the Higher Education Guide.


Bachelor's degrees at Tio:


  • Hotel and Event Management
  • International Tourism Management
  • International Business Management

Reasons to choose Tio

Are you curious about what extras set a Tio bachelor programme apart from other degree programmes? Below, you can read why other students choose Tio’s education.


Small-scale and personal education


Lecturers teach small groups and know their students by name. This makes personal guidance possible.


Extensive supervision


Lecturers stimulate you to bring out the best in yourself. You receive optimal supervision and guidance to master both theory and practice.


Accelerated studying

Tio offers accelerated studying: bachelor's degrees in just three or four years. So you have your degree faster, which allows you to start off your career sooner or you can continue studying for a master’ s degree.


Lecturers from the industry

Lecturers use their experience in the industry to create links between the theoretical knowledge you acquire and its practical applications.



Every Tio bachelor programme has been awarded top marks by the Higher Education Guide. Tio offers e.g. the best hotel school, the best tourism and the best business degree! Tio wants to instil the same drive towards excellence in its students. On top of that, Tio has an honours programme for talented students who want to excel.


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Tio University of Applied Sciences: Student life

Tio University of Applied Sciences is located in The Netherlands. This country is the perfect place to start your international career, since the Netherlands is (and always has been) the trading centre of the World. Dutch people are known for their spirit of commerce, open-mindedness towards people from different countries, international ambitions and innovative ways of thinking. The ideal place for an international education.


Tio's international campuses can be found in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Both campuses offer the following bachelor’s degrees in English:


  • Hotel and Event Management
  • International Tourism Management
  • International Business Management

Tio Amsterdam

Who would not want to study in the vibrant and innovative capital of Amsterdam? Tio Amsterdam is the largest of all of Tio’ s campuses, but still smallscaled and very personal. It is a modern campus with a hint of that typical Amsterdam bravura and an international character.
Tio Amsterdam is located just a three-minute walk from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station.


Tio Utrecht

Utrecht is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to study in a true student city. There is always something to do at Tio Utrecht, thanks to its international character and the many activities which take place at the campus. This campus is the most centrally located, that’s why it’s obvious that students from all over the Netherlands and far beyond find their way to Tio Utrecht.

The Utrecht campus is just a ten minute walk from the Central Station and close to the city centre.


Student society Cognatio

The national student society Cognatio is the student association of Tio. It is a great society that offers you the opportunity to make new friends for life and expand your network. Together with Cognatio, you can make the most of your student days.

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Tio University of Applied Sciences - Impressionen vom Bachelorstudium

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Tio University of Applied Sciences: Students about Tio

Marc Olivier – Canada
“It’s a great university with a warm atmosphere and there is always someone there for you to help with any kind of questions”


Sandra Mariscal Toro – Spain
“I improved my English and also I learned a lot of new things about tourism”


Kelly Reijne – The Netherlands
"It is a big advantage that lecturers are from the industry. This makes the lectures much more interesting and fun"


Yi-Nuan – Taiwan
“The Netherlands is a truly international environment with many different languages in addition to Dutch and English”


Layla Hoyen – Germany
“At Tio I get a lot of practical experiences because of all the projects and assignments. Also giving presentations is a good exercise”


Olav van den Broek – The Netherlands
"It is great that students have a say in things and that Tio really acts on these suggestions"


Izaac Casillas – Mexico
“Tio is really different from the environment in my school back home, because my school is very big”


Katarina Kret – Austria
“The Dutch people are more open and take it easy”


Songah Choi – South-Korea
"At Tio the atmosphere is good and I like the interaction between students and lecturers. The classes are smaller than I am used to"


Selwin Dekkers – The Netherlands
"I am proud to be studying at the best hotel school in the Netherlands"


Raphael Vollbach – Germany
"Not only the chance of living in an amazing city, also the recommendations of previous international students from Tio have made me decide to study here"


Flip Vermeeren – The Netherlands
"Studying at Tio is worth the money. It looks good on your resume and you have more knowledge and practical experience"


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Tio University of Applied Sciences

St. Jacobsstraat 400
3511 BT Utrecht
T   +31 (0)30 7 999 000
E   internationaloffice@tio.nl
I   www.tio.nl/en/

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Tio Headquarters

St. Jacobsstraat 400
3511 BT Utrecht
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000
Weitere Standorte:


Tempelhofstraat 5
1043 EA Amsterdam
Nord Holland
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Begijnenhof 8-12
5611 EL Eindhoven
Nord Brabant
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Julianalaan 9
7553 AB Hengelo
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Weena 457
3013 AL Rotterdam
Süd Holland
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Oudenoord 2
3513 ER Utrecht
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000
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