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Kultur und Gesellschaft | Soziales und Verhalten

BA in Culture, Politics, and Society (CPS)

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Brief Profile

The Austrian and U.S. accredited Culture, Politics, and Society (CPS) program provides an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts curriculum updated for 21st century challenges. The curriculum is based on the reality that in order to be an independent thinker in our time, and to be ready for work after graduation, students need to be equipped with skills that go beyond knowing how to read and compose written texts. CPS is designed for the generation that has come of age after the digital revolution, living in a society flooded with information, disinformation and with technological transformations which continue to change how we learn, communicate, and relate to one another.

Students in CPS acquire skills for interpreting a wide variety of information, ranging from classical texts to statistical data, to understanding the algorithms behind common social media graphics. They are trained in the vital skills necessary for producing knowledge and communicating it in multi-media forms outside the classroom. They are also taught a rich and comprehensive curriculum in the social sciences and humanities, opening many paths towards a fourth-year specialization and completion of a BA major.

Course Content

Possible majors:

  • Cultural Heritage
  • Environmental Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • History
  • Human Rights
  • International Relations
  • Medieval Studies
  • Nationalism Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • Visual Theory and Practice

Possible minors:

  • Cultural Heritage
  • Environmental Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • History
  • Human Rights
  • International Relations
  • Medieval Studies
  • Nationalism Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • Visual Theory and Practice

Fakten zum Studiengang


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Kultur und Gesellschaft | Soziales und Verhalten



-1 EUR


3 - 4 Jahr Studienzeit
Kosten EU: 5000 EUR/Jahr
Kosten Nicht-EU: 5000 EUR/Jahr



The CPS program integrates into the Europe-wide Bologna system and offers the best of the American undergraduate education system. Students who complete four years of study will receive both an Austrian and an American BA degree, which can prepare them for an MA.

By developing a wide range of transferable skills, students will receive an excellent foundation for several future career directions. Competence in analyzing, interpreting and communicating knowledge is in high demand on today's job market. These skills open many doors for CPS graduates, ranging from pursuing graduate studies to a wide variety of career options in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Pursue possible careers in:

  • Media and Communication
  • Business and Consulting
  • Cultural Sphere
  • Creative industries
  • Public and non-profit sectors
  • Academia and research

With its network of global employers, online job search platform, and team of advisers, our Career Services Office will help you find an internship and apply for funding, and provide personal guidance as you find your path. Our Alumni Relations Office will connect you with 16,000 graduates who are making an impact around the world, from Shanghai to Berlin to Los Angeles. You’ ll be joining a community that lasts a lifetime.


Admission requirements:

  • CEU application form
  • High school records
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • CV
  • Application essay
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Standardized test scores such as SAT, ACT, AP or IB (preferred but not mandatory)
  • Finalists will be invited to attend an interview online or in person.

Application deadlines:

  • April 15, 2020 for applicants who require a study visa
  • August 14, 2020 for applicants who do not require a study visa

Study in Vienna

Ranked the world’s most livable city by The Economist, Vienna is a place where quirky student hangouts sit alongside opulent coffee houses and modern art fills centuries-old palaces. Leafy parks and riverside beaches, world-class galleries and museums, beer gardens and vineyards, street fairs and culinary fests offer entertainment from spring to fall, while the Austrian capital’s squares transform into a snowy, glittering playground with Christmas markets and ice rinks in winter. Students will be staying in comfortable and centrally located dormitory facilities. Just a short train or plane trip to the must-see capitals of the continent, Vienna is the heart of Europe. 

Fund your studies

Inaugural class tuition award: EUR 5,000 per year, for the full length of your studies

Our first class of undergraduate students in 2020-21 receive a 50% tuition award of the EUR 10,000 annual tuition fee. Members of the inaugural class will be granted this award for the entire duration of their studies.

Presidential tuition award: 5,000 EUR for two outstanding candidates

Two outstanding candidates will receive a Presidential Award for the total value of 5,000 EUR each. The Award covers part of the tuition fee throughout the four years of BA studies as follows:

Year I: 500 EUR

Year II: 1,000 EUR

Year III: 1,500 EUR

Year IV: 2,000 EUR


Central European University (CEU)

Quellenstraße 51
1100 Wien

T +3613283401
E student-info@ceu.edu
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