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Are you creative, critical, multi-talented, motivated and do you prefer to develop these talents by working with others?

iArts – short for Interdisciplinary Arts is an exciting crossover of artistic skills, academic reflection, research and entrepreneurship. These components are intertwined in projects and seminars with a strong focus on today's societal issues.

As the study programme will be taught in English  you will have to prove that you have a good command of the English language. You will be admitted if you have passed English as an examination subject im Abitur.

Formal requirements

  • pre-university secondary education (or equivalent)
  • evidence of artistic aptitude
  • advanced in English
  • collaborative skills

Lower tuition fee for first-year students
If it is the first time you are enrolling in a bachelor's degree programme, then you may be eligible to pay only half of the statutory tuition fees for the first year when you are an EU-citizen.  


The bachelor’s programme covers three years. In the course of the programme you’ll work on a series of projects. You’ll invent creative and original solutions for current social and cultural issues, in the form of artistic products or artful interventions. Think installations, films, performances, and games. Think meetings, publications, plans, and enterprises. Each and every invention will be the result of interdisciplinary teamwork. Your teachers are experts in their fields and have experience with interdisciplinary encounters.

Workshops & seminars
Next to each project you’ll participate in various workshops and seminars. Here’s where you deepen your knowledge and exercise the artistic, technical and academic skills that you can immediately put to work in each of your projects. You’ll attend workshops focusing specifically on the fine arts, music, literature and drama. You’ll also develop an academic perspective on the relationship between art, language, technology, tradition, and public spaces.

As the programme advances, you’ll further develop your own direction of artistic and intellectual growth. You’ll also learn how to manage your projects professionally and make them financially viable. In the second year, there is time to deepen your artistic discours and to further train your capacities in projects with external partners. In the final year you’ll do an international internship. After this, you’ll develop and complete a graduation project of your own. You’ll write a bachelor’s thesis in which you reflect critically on your own work.

In addition to the projects you’ll have extra time to independently explore and cultivate your interests and talents. For example, you can use this time for a minor programme, a traineeship or a project abroad. Our student advisors are here to help you make the right choices.

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Kultur und Gesellschaft | Kunst und Musik




3 Jahr Studienzeit
Kosten EU: 2083 EUR/Jahr
Kosten Nicht-EU: 9500 EUR/Jahr


The iArts programme trains you to be an artist, researcher and entrepreneur. At best, you’ll be able to combine the three. You’ll develop the professional perspective and know-how required to reach out and connect to other doers and thinkers. You’ll learn how to make your work meaningful to scientists, businesses, and community organizations. Eventually, you’ll become an artist-researcher who knows his trade but thinks outside the box.


You can sign up for the selections at  www.iartsmaastricht.com. After signing up, you will receive an information brochure regarding the programme. Herein you’ll find a subscription form which you have to send back to us. When the iArts selection-committee thinks you are an appropriate candidate for iArts you’ll be invited to participate in the following programme:

  • An interview (approximately 45 minutes) where you elaborate on your motivation and suitability.
  • A workshop in which you can show your talents and skill.

If you pass the selections you have to enroll and sign up as a regular and full-time student at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, you will first need to register through Studielink. This is the national information system for Dutch universities of applied sciences, research universities, and DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, the Executive Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Education).

For students living in the Netherlands: Enrolment and signing up with: ‘Studielink’ exclusively with DigiD.
You don’t have a DigiD yet? Go the website www.digid.nl.

Fill in your personal data and apply for enrolment. Your request for appliance can be sent directly.

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences will automatically receive your request from Studielink and then we will start the enrolment process. You will receive an e-mail from Zuyd mentioning your student ID number. In some cases, we may need further documentation, e.g. an authorized copy of your diploma, valid proof of your identity, or a residence certificate. If so, you will receive notification about this via Studielink.

In co-operation with the NUFFIC, The Netherlands’ Organization for International Co-operation in Higher Education, we will assess the value of foreign diplomas. Generally speaking a secondary school certificate- e.g. vwo, havo, Arbitur, Fachhochschulreife or international baccalaureate diploma - will give access to our study programme.

As soon as this information is verified, you receive an e-mail from Studielink.
When your personal data, graduation certificate and certificate of residence are verified and the tuition fees are paid before September 1st, your enrolment is final.

More information about enrolment

Questions about enrolment:
Zuyd Hogeschool Centrale Studentenadministratie
Phone: +31-(0)43-3466518
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9 -12 a.m.


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