Wirtschaft und Management

International Business

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In times of increasing global competition many companies operate globally or consider doing business internationally. But how do you decide on which markets to operate? How do you finance such undertakings? How do you hire the right internationally qualified employees? How do you make your product or service stand out from the crowd? These are some of the issues that managers at international companies face and for which you will be prepared during your International Business studies.

International Business at Fontys Venlo distinguishes itself from similar study programmes by using project-based learning. In contrast to traditional paper-based and teacher-centric education, project-based learning is a dynamic student-centred approach. Students work together on projects tackling authentic business situations. While working on these projects you receive the theory needed to solve problems within these projects.

Fakten zum Studiengang










Wirtschaft und Management


Bachelor of Business Administration


4 Jahr Studienzeit
Kosten EU: 2143 EUR/Jahr
Kosten Nicht-EU: 7920 EUR/Jahr


Professional Prospects
After your generalistic studies, you have the possibility to work in different professions and industries. Examples include: international project manager, consultant, international key account manager, global product manager, operations manager.

As a graduate, you have two possibilities to commence your master studies. With a total of 240 ECTS credits, you have created the ideal starting point for an entry into graduate studies. The post-baccelaureate master studies do not require additional work experience and can be started immediately after your bachelor studies. A post-experience master requires additional work experience after the bachelor studies.


Voraussetzung für einen Bachelor Studienbeginn ist die Allgemeine Hochschulreife oder die Fachhochschulreife. Bitte beachten Sie bei der Fachhochschulreife, dass der praktische Teil vor Beginn des Studiums vorhanden sein muss. Zulässig ist als praktischer Teil:

  • Berufskolleg: 6 Monate Praktikum
  • Gymnasium/Gesamtschule Klasse 11 und 12: 12 Monate Praktikum oder eine abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung

Für alle Bachelor Studiengänge existiert kein Numerus Clausus (NC).
Unabhängig der Unterrichtssprache Ihres Wunschstudienganges, ist kein Sprachnachweis zu erbringen. Von dieser Befreiung des Sprachnachweises ausgenommen, sind Studierende mit nicht EU/EEA Nationalität. Weitere Informationen zu dem erforderlichen Sprachnachweis für Bewerber mit nicht EU/EEA Nationalität finden Sie hier.


The combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, language and intercultural skills prepares you ideally for today’s job market. The ‘learning by doing’ approach at Fontys Venlo is a more constructive and active way to learn and to develop social, communication, leadership and critical thinking skills. The two internships offer you access to a broad network of companies and put you in contact with potential employers. After your studies you are able to either lead a company, manage one of its many departments or found your own company. The lectures and tutorials are conducted in classes of approx. 30 students, which fosters team spirit, discipline and motivation. Moreover, a Study Career Manager assists you in your personal and professional development on an individual basis.

Study coach

Your personal development is key to us. That’s why every student has its own study career manager. Together you discuss study results and any problems you might face, whether they be personal or study-related. During your internship and the graduation phase you will be guided by a lecturer. He or she can help you with questions on your assignment, your tasks or writing your thesis. We have deliberately chosen to teach in small classes instead of large lecture halls as much as possible, because we would like to know you personally. Our lecturers and study career managers especially want to support you the best they can during your time at Fontys.


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