Student Stories from Mid Sweden University

We asked what our students thought of their studies at Mid Sweden University, this is what they answered.

Anne-Sofie, Bachelor in Ecotechnology

"I knew I had a passion for environmental science, and Sweden is the best place to study it as caring for the environment is ingrained in the Swedish life-style. I also wanted to study environmental science somewhere with beautiful and easily accessible nature, while also having a lively downtown. Östersund was the perfect solution for this as it is surrounded by some of the most charming nature in the world, with mountains, lakes and more while also having an active downtown with various restaurants and boutiques.

I experienced several positive culture shocks when I started studying at Mid Sweden
University. The biggest difference was referring to professors by their first name. I
learned to truly appreciate this as a great show of equality between professors and
students. Another culture shock I experienced at Mid Sweden University was the emphasis on students’ well-being and avoiding stress.

There are numerous benefits of studying abroad at Mid Sweden University that I am thankful for. I have experienced so many new things I could not experience in other places, like seeing the midnight sun, northern lights, ice skating on a frozen lake and skiing between classes!"

Mid Sweden University is a vibrant place in the middle of Sweden, where you will find the perfect mix of nature and city life. Mid Sweden University is a place where people meet, find inspiration and think innovatively. There are a range of international, first- class programmes to choose from in areas like technology, natural sciences and business. We offer programmes in close collaboration with research and business that are of benefit to society and give you a competitive edge on the global market.

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