Study a Teacher Education programme in an international setting

Are you excited about education? Do you enjoy working with children and young adults? Would you like to be trained in an international setting, getting ready to become a teacher anywhere in the world?

Then maybe one of international Teacher Education programmes of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is a good match for you! Join young people from over 40 different countries and earn a teaching qualification in English, Spanish, German or French. Is it also possible to do a double-degree and earn two teaching qualifications in 5 years.

The profession of teaching cannot be learned only by theory

Ayşim is from Germany, and is studying the double degree -Teacher Education in German & English:

“I decided to do the teacher education degree at HU because of the educational system and curriculum of HU. I believe that the profession of teaching cannot be learned only by theory. It has to be combined with the same amount of practice and HU fulfils that. Our first internship took place in our first year and lasted 10 weeks. There will be an internship every year.

I love meeting new people from all over the world and learning about new cultures, traditions and learning new languages. This programme enables me the opportunity to meet many international students and teachers.

Doing the double degree in German and English gives me the opportunity to go to different countries and work as a teacher. There are several German schools around the world that interest me and where I could work in the future. I am happy here in the Netherlands so I might stay here after I have graduated.

If you are interested in meeting new people, cultures and languages and study in a pleasant, safe environment with an equal mix of theory and practice; you should sign up for the Teacher Education programme at HU!”

Why study a Teacher Education programme at HU?

  • Study with young people from all over the world in an international environment. - Go abroad during exchanges, excursions and study abroad for a semester.
  • Be trained to work in bilingual and international education. This will increase your job prospects in the international employment market.
  • Follow a five-year course that leads to a double Bachelor’s degree in two languages.

Teacher Education Language programmes

HU offers Teacher Education programmes in: English, German, French, as well as Spanish.

HU University is centrally located in the Netherlands. In Utrecht your will soon feel at home. With almost 70,000 students, Utrecht is a true student city where you'll make friends for life.

How to apply?

Would you like to study in the Netherlands this coming year? German students can still apply for HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the final deadline is the 1st of August!


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