Studiere Architektur im schönen Prag!

Dank der internationalen Atmosphäre von ARCHIP, der individuellen Einstellung und der Vielfalt der Kulturen, die sich begegnen, kannst Du Deine eigene architektonische Identität pflegen.

Absolviere einen vollständig in englischer Sprache verfassten Bachelor- oder Masterstudiengang und werde Experte auf dem Gebiet!

Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP) is the only architectural college in Central Europe to offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in English. Progressively combining the best of local and global architectural traditions, the school aims to form a well-rounded graduate, competent in the fundamentals of the architectural profession while being capable of meeting its contemporary requirements.

As a progressive new school of architecture, we offer both an Undergraduate and Graduate programme, and a futuristic one-semester Global Architecture + Design programme. We are located a trendy district of Prague just a short tram ride from the historical centre. Prague itself is a modern metropolis with a rich history and an exciting cultural life. It is a lively yet very safe and affordable city with a large expat community.

Situated in the unique space of DOX Center for Contemporary Art, our school offers an invigorating environment for young and motivated individuals to learn how to shape the world they live in. At ARCHIP, you are able to benefit from a truly international environment as, currently, the school is a temporary home to students of more than 30 nationalities. Thanks to that, along with a strict limit of 30 students per class, ARCHIP boasts a uniquely familial atmosphere and team spirit. “Thanks to ARCHIP's international environment, individual approach and diversity of cultures, I was able to cultivate my own architectural identity,” says Atoosa Ghanaei who received her Master's degree from ARCHIP and now studies at AHO in Oslo.

Further, the school offers you excellent career prospects thanks to its partnership with municipalities, architecture firms, NGOs and developers from all over the world, with whom we collaborate on a number of projects.

How did ARCHIP come to be?

Our school was founded in 2010 by the famous Czech architect Martin Roubík and his wife Regina Loukotová with the help of their common friends from the field. Apart from being a celebrated architect in the Czech Republic, Martin Roubík was one of the founders of Snøhetta, an architectural studio now considered to be one of the best of its kind in the world (one of the studio’s projects being, for example, the creation of a new identity for Ground Zero in New York). Together with Regina Loukotová, Martin Roubík undertook many of Snøhetta’s commissions – among them, for example, the proposal for The Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza which was selected as one of the winning projects in a large international architectural competition. Upon returning to the Czech Republic they decided to challenge the outdated system of architectural education in the country and create their own school – ARCHIP, a unique hybrid of Czech and global architectural tradition.

What can you expect from studying at ARCHIP?

“Studying at ARCHIP will give you a really good understanding of architecture and art history, construction, design and concept development. The school works as a platform where you can develop your ideas and creative needs,” says Sondre Hermundstad who finished his Bachelor's degree at ARCHIP, obtained a Master's degree in Trondheim and now works with Asplan Viak in Oslo. Further, the teacher Ivan Ku?ina who currently runs a successful exchange programme between ARCHIP and Dessau International Architecture Graduate School (DIA) shares his experience saying that “international collaboration and program exchange between ARCHIP and Dessau has proved that architectural knowledge multiplies by sharing diverse experiences. The more we learn from each other, there are more chances for each one to thrive.”

At ARCHIP, we try to stress that the architectural profession also has strong societal, environmental and urbanistic implications – a fact that is often omitted from the curricula of other schools of architecture.

Our teaching programme is based in studio instruction which follows the principles of the ‘Vertical studio’ model which means that, in each studio, students from different years are combined and work together on a single site and program. As an ARCHIP student you will be able to spend a semester in each of the five different studios, all of them led by international and local faculty, prominent across the field. In this way, you are confronted with different methods of practice as well as different theoretical approaches encouraging you to find your own style. Furthermore, you will be taught classes such as graphic design, photography, product design and other hands-on courses designed to help you succeed in your future career.

Want to learn more about ARCHIP?

Upcoming deadline for applying to both the Bachelor and the Master programme is August 15, 2019 (EU students only).

Check out our webpage www.archip.eu for more information on the application process as well as general information about our school. Or reach out to us via e-mail at info@archip.eu. We will be happy to hear from you!


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